The Exorcist (2016)

The Exorcist
Follow the lives of two very different priests tackling one family’s case of terrifying demonic possession.
  • September 29, 2017

    The Exorcist Season 2 Episode 1 Janus

    Six months after leaving Chicago, Father Tomas continues his training to become an exorcist under the watchful eye of his partner Marcus Keane. Their travels lead them to a troubled young woman in rural Montana, where their investigation puts them in the crosshairs of her extended family. But as...

  • October 6, 2017

    The Exorcist Season 2 Episode 2 Safe as Houses

    Tomas and Marcus attempt to escape the custody of Cindy's enraged family, while simultaneously trying to finish her exorcism. Rose conducts her inspection of Andy Kim's household and is concerned about Caleb's mental state. Meanwhile, Andy's neighbors offer to teach the children farming skills,...

  • October 13, 2017

    The Exorcist Season 2 Episode 3 Unclean

    The situation at the foster home continues to deteriorate, as Andy tries to help his foster daughter, Grace overcome her agoraphobia. Meanwhile, Marcus and Tomas travel to Seattle where they encounter a new possession case, discovering a young girl who has been targeted by a force of pure evil....

  • October 20, 2017

    The Exorcist Season 2 Episode 4 One for Sorrow

    Andy's foster home receives a surprising new addition as he confronts the strange incidents occurring on the island. Marcus investigates a series of natural disturbances with the help of a local wildlife biologist, while Tomas continues to question the strange visions that led him to Seattle....

  • November 3, 2017

    The Exorcist Season 2 Episode 5 There but for the Grace of God, Go I

    As Tomas and Marcus continue to investigate the strange incidents at the foster home, the demon finally makes its presence known. The two priests must race against the clock to find evidence of possession before it is too late. Meanwhile, Andy and Rose take the children on an overnight camping...

  • November 10, 2017

    The Exorcist Season 2 Episode 6 Darling Nikki

    A visit to the foster home carries deadly consequences, as Marcus and Father Tomas attempt to draw the demon out of hiding. Rose finds herself the target of the demon's wrath. And no one suspects that a new danger may be lurking in the woods, waiting for its moment to strike. Meanwhile, Father...

  • November 17, 2017

    The Exorcist Season 2 Episode 7 Help Me

    As the exorcism begins, the fate of the foster home hangs in the balance. This is an adversary unlike anything Marcus and Tomas have ever faced, and in order to save this family, the two of them must journey into the mouth of madness itself.

  • December 1, 2017

    The Exorcist Season 2 Episode 8 A Heaven of Hell

    As Father Bennett and Mouse head west to rendezvous with Marcus and Tomas, new details about Mouse's tragic past comes to light. With time running out to finish the exorcism, one of the foster children is faced with a difficult choice. But the demon has other plans.

  • December 8, 2017

    The Exorcist Season 2 Episode 9 Ritual & Repetition

    As the exorcism reaches a critical juncture, Tomas engages the demon in a desperate battle to save Andy's soul. Meanwhile, Marcus and Rose attempt to get the foster children off the island, but the demon has other plans. As the storm of the century descends upon the island, salvation may come...

  • December 15, 2017

    The Exorcist Season 2 Episode 10 Unworthy

    Everything has led to this moment. As one priest fights for his life in the hospital, another is forced to confront the ghosts of his past. With time running out to save Andy's life, one of the exorcists must make the ultimate sacrifice.